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Fun Rides and Events has a wide selection of carnival rides and amusement attractions for people of all ages. Listed below are the amusement rides that we are currently offering. Be sure to check back frequently for information on new rides!

This 32 foot Carousel built in 1996, 16-Horse Carousel with 2 Chariots has been deemed centerpiece of Fun Rides and Events. This enchanted carousel is guaranteed to delight the young and bring back childhood memories in the not so young.. Adults can share the tradition and excitement of the carousel - picking that perfect horse, riding with their kids, and enjoying the carousel music.

Specifications:  32' dia.
Manufacturer:  High Lite Rides


Carousel BounceCarousel Bounce
Kids can jump their hearts away inside this carousel themed moon walk.

Specifications:  20' dia.
Manufacturer:  Cutting Edge


Circus TrainCircus Train
New for 2012, the Circus Train is a popular attraction at carnivals throughout the world. Kids will enjoy riding on our colorful circus themed train in a figure eight track configuration.


Fire House AdventureFire House Adventure
Children journey through the punching bags into a sea of plastic balls, climb up to the top of the rope ladder, cross the swinging bridge or go down the slide for lots of fun and laughs.. Children absolutely love it!


Frog HopperFrog Hopper
Designed for the little guests, the Frog Hopper is a ride in which passengers are vertically lifted up and hopped down to their descent.

Manufacturer:  S&S Power


Kids Motorcycle RideKids Motorcycle Ride
Kids can rev up their engines and toot their horns as the motorcycles cruise around the circle.

Manufacturer:  Hampton


Musical SwingsMusical Swings
This oversized mechanical swing set seats twenty children or adults as they are lifted up and soar into the sky!

Manufacturer:  High Lite Rides


Purple Gator SlidePurple Gator Slide
The newest addition to our Kid's Interactive! These giant 35' colorful characters draw attention at any event! Climb into the giant mouth and slide into the bouncy belly that is full of swallowed obstacles. Exit the tail!

Manufacturer:  Cutting Edge


Roll O PlaneRoll O Plane
This thrill ride is a main attraction. Experience the breathtaking sensation of an aerobatic stunt plane.

Manufacturer:  Eyerly


Super SlideSuper Slide
The Super Slide is over 30' tall and 100' long with three lanes for lots of sliding fun.

Specifications:  30' tall - 100' long
Manufacturer:  Kilinski


Four huge spinning cars the change directions constantly. Exciting, fun, and unpredictable.

Manufacturer:  Watkins


Titanic SlideTitanic Slide
The Titanic Slide has 2 - 35’ Long 50 Degree Sliding Lanes with a Enclosed Cabin Stairway for hours of slip, sliding fun.

Specifications:  32' long
Manufacturer:  Cutting Edge


Trackless TrainTrackless Train
Train Cars can seat 16 adults or 24 children. Fun For All!!!


Tubs of FunTubs of Fun
Kids love this ride. They are able to pick one of 6 tubs and spin as fast as they want!


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